NE Winds

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salted caramel hair  /  honeydew skin

moon and sun co-op  /  the sky at wave break

rays over, suits under   /  cue oyster cracker jacuzzi

sandcastle room temperature  /  a quarter life share







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If You Please

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area code country code garden party dress code will not accept roses unless planted grandmother’s granddaughter walking on ball pointe penning the caption that escorts portraits on crosswalks Lichtensteined lens capsleeves I was told there’d be hors d oeuvres and uppers



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The New Madison Avenue

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Tangerine walls and reception candy

Past the fuzzball, before the fishbowl

Open floor plan Photoshop prank


These stripes are earned.


Legacies framed

The Wendy’s account … The Ciroc account

Fast food and 80 proof


Has anyone seen my felt-tip pen?


Sketch talking heads

Sketch circles with legs

Live by the idea




Casual Monday and Bagel Friday

Ego placebos and agency-wide emails

An ad atelier


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A Bonfire Bouquet

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Forecasts checked grey on a holiday beach.


Frame this freshwater cloud parade.


This pulp-perfect pick me up.


Pressed pouts then thunderous laughs


that catch fire and light this wet-sand soiree.


Cinched sarcasm and bites in bows


First-plucked fresh and all that’s sunny of dreary delight



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