Between Swiss Lakes

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Folded, rolled and plastic baggied

Hand-me-down rösti reviews

Midriff rayon backpack belt


Oak bunk lean-to

Glacial sink wash

Clotheslined tees


Run a flag up a ponytail

Pet a 41-day beard

Plead the under 26 discount







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Caught in the Wind

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Time to toss the apron


On one-piece suit. On one-way keel.


Kerchiefs in the wind mark a toast


to the unwed.



30 knots and counting. Chin tossed back.


Paisley reflections seek out


a silver screen. Lipstick sighs,


Move me.




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One Size Fits One

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I know a guy.


Poker table findery of this


and hat and finch and coin.


These dye-cuts of harbored lore.


Somersault through a lair of antiquity.



Bestow leather goods, hammersmith.


Genuine made with my hips in mind.



The second thing that lasts


and shapes my hourglass.



Tip me off to desirables.


Exquisite thimble tack-and-stitch


This well of handlaid brick reminds me


of the number 8, craft and compact,


this tailored totem mine.



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Early Evening Playlists

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A bent for mouthing lyrics


Strings of letters, not in order,


but they bring it


to days hinged on whatever,


I’ll get to it.



Worth the wait, they say, stupidly.


Eventual, the chorus.


chord-heavy currency


diet coke and ankles crossed


green, felt-tip op-ed


Read my canvas shoes and


back hand ideas.



Shuffle over festival waste


fashion keeping time


Out a gold-plated playlist,


something worth it’s weight,


hey, we’ve arrived.



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Painted Puck

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Your measurements, please.


waist      hip     bust     brim


Lip stain accents spitfire


in a nail-polish dunk tank.



Your fuchsia face reminds me


of another face.



Purse your bets on


a springboard swan dive.


How gleeful that


puckish pout.



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Sweet Air

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loveworn label gap silk kerchief



Whistle sweet air and wave


Lyrics on lips on a fire escape


Three in a hammock at noon


A girl, a Sharpie, a hanging tomato


One shoelace with two choices

meets at mid-point
and bows.


Ice water and sliced orange
curtsy the mouth.


The keepsakes of kindness
lay in our breath.



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A Penchant for Pocketed Trivia

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Keen to who and how


without show or scene.


A penchant for pocketed trivia;


curiosity cabinets dusted with facts


knickknacked over candy-coated


pieces of hours and


suppers past.




Rendezvous at the highest moon.


Tales with mass tug and we lean


What is wise than to be fascinated?


To forget the time


To get the gentle nod that turns the tides


In matters of introductions or politics or, gracious,


the very best of nonsense.



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