If You Please

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area code country code garden party dress code will not accept roses unless planted grandmother’s granddaughter walking on ball pointe penning the caption that escorts portraits on crosswalks Lichtensteined lens capsleeves I was told there’d be hors d oeuvres and uppers



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The New Madison Avenue

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Tangerine walls and reception candy

Past the fuzzball, before the fishbowl

Open floor plan Photoshop prank


These stripes are earned.


Legacies framed

The Wendy’s account … The Ciroc account

Fast food and 80 proof


Has anyone seen my felt-tip pen?


Sketch talking heads

Sketch circles with legs

Live by the idea




Casual Monday and Bagel Friday

Ego placebos and agency-wide emails

An ad atelier


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The Pike at Nightfall

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metered asphalt pastimes

rearview mirror ex- and why

the great french fry debate

every moon a spotlight



leggy two-door coupe arrivals

red-light afrojack crescendo

arms in chorus, on-ramp bridge

text me if you can



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One Size Fits One

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I know a guy.


Poker table findery of this


and hat and finch and coin.


These dye-cuts of harbored lore.


Somersault through a lair of antiquity.



Bestow leather goods, hammersmith.


Genuine made with my hips in mind.



The second thing that lasts


and shapes my hourglass.



Tip me off to desirables.


Exquisite thimble tack-and-stitch


This well of handlaid brick reminds me


of the number 8, craft and compact,


this tailored totem mine.



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