Early Evening Playlists

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A bent for mouthing lyrics


Strings of letters, not in order,


but they bring it


to days hinged on whatever,


I’ll get to it.



Worth the wait, they say, stupidly.


Eventual, the chorus.


chord-heavy currency


diet coke and ankles crossed


green, felt-tip op-ed


Read my canvas shoes and


back hand ideas.



Shuffle over festival waste


fashion keeping time


Out a gold-plated playlist,


something worth it’s weight,


hey, we’ve arrived.



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Painted Puck

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Your measurements, please.


waist      hip     bust     brim


Lip stain accents spitfire


in a nail-polish dunk tank.



Your fuchsia face reminds me


of another face.



Purse your bets on


a springboard swan dive.


How gleeful that


puckish pout.



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