Get By Harriet

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Plowed cuticles on newspaper nails


on napkin-folded pocket currency


on the 10:39am train.



Own and be owned.


Go around those stopped short.



Today no-turn-on-red does not apply.


A sidewalk existence.


Today’s special is a debt-free souffle.


Answer only to a momentarily


cast shadow.



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The Whole Day of Slow Honey

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Not early enough for sunrise


but just after. When there are no secrets.


Swaddle these Maytime rays and


things that are light enough


to linger


Stir what’s hot and lemony


The whole day of slow honey



Not in search any longer,


but just after. When faces are at rest.


Fresh cold bursts and warm tomato soup.


Knowing grins that close your lids


fleetingly. Socked feet


alternate tiptoe and flat foot,


this oversized hour of scattered and gathered


snug solitude.





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Make Due, Make Haste

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Bones stiff as youth, heels steady as


occupy resolve. Engines minded


by those with wits


they can construct in. Lax does not equate


to tasteless. Formed to flair


enough to function. Come what


may, we’re rooted away from here.


Be moved


in any direction but




Strong willed in craft and grip. Make


what’s yours by hand, by day, by night.


And slap your maiden name on it.


Don’t count your every step,


but be certain that you take them.



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